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O'Malley Health Insurance Solutions is an independent insurance agency operating out of Eastern North Carolina.

Welcome! I am Mary Ann O'Malley, the founder of O'Malley Health Insurance Solutions.

At OHIS, we have a passion for helping seniors with their Medicare insurance needs. We strive to provide our clients with a level of service that is second to none.

From educating you on the basics of Medicare to assisting you with plan selection to providing exceptional customer service, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a positive experience from start to finish.

We don’t stop there. We are there for you throughout the year to answer questions and work through any concerns that you might have.



Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements / Medigap, Medicare Part D, Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

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We have life insurance products to fit any need from Term Insurance, No-Lapse Guarantee, Final Expense and Whole Life.

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Hospital Indemnity Plans

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Gap Insurance

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North Carolina is our home and currently the only state we offer our solutions.

Frequenty Asked Questions

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“How much do you charge for your services?”

We never charge for our services, they are always free.


I’m turning 65 this year and I plan to retire. When am I eligible to enroll into Medicare?

Assuming you’ve met work-related eligibility requirements, you may begin Medicare enrollment 90 days prior to the month you turn 65.


Will I be automatically enrolled in Medicare or do I need to take action?

That depends. If you are drawing social security at the time of or before you become Medicare eligible, you are automatically enrolled in Medicare. If not, you will need to take action to be enrolled.


Where do I go to enroll for Medicare?

Online at or in person at a local Social Security office.


What does it mean when they say “Original Medicare”?

“Original Medicare” is the first two parts of Medicare. It is where Medicare got started. It includes Part “A” which is hospitalization and Part “B” which is doctors visits. Other parts of Medicare were added later.


What are parts “C” and “D” of Medicare?

Let’s start in reverse. Part “D” is Medicare prescription drug coverage that was added to Medicare in 2006. Part “C” is another name for Medicare Advantage. Advantage plans are administered through private insurance companies and are another way to get your Medicare benefits.


Do I need to enroll in Part “A” and Part “B” of Medicare?

That depends. If you plan to stay on employer coverage, you may want to enroll in Part A only. However, if you do not stay on active employer coverage, you will most likely want to enroll in both A and B.


Can I just have “Original Medicare” A+B as my health insurance at retirement?

Yes. However, with A+B only, you wouldn’t have drug coverage and would also be faced with significant exposure on deductibles and co-insurance associated with Parts A&B. You would also have penalties in the future if you decided to pick up drug coverage later. We recommend having drug coverage and some kind of secondary coverage as well as A+B.


Can I keep my employer coverage?

Maybe if your employer coverage is “creditable”. For example, if the employer group has 20 eligible employees or more, and you’re going to continue to work, then yes it’s an option. But there are many things to consider.

Reliable Medicare Resources


Medicare and You Handbook

Social Security Administration:
1-800-772-1213 (toll free)

Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP):
1-855-408-1212 (toll free)

Benefits Checkup:

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